About the Affinity Project

A project of ArtBark International  www.artbark.org

Santa Barbara Independent
Dance Festival of the Week: Affinity III
By Elizabeth Schwyzer

501 (c) 3 Sponsor: The Future Traditions Foundation
Funded in part by the RSFF, Christiane Schlumberger, the Kellys and...
funded in part by the ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT Program using funds provided by the City of Santa Barbara in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission.”

The Affinity Project is a series of bridge events happening between events of the ADaPT Festival Series (www.adaptfest.com, www.rmadaptfest.com)    Base participants have participated in ADaPT Festivals; additional artists are welcomed into the project as they are drawn to the excitement of the vision.

Our Affinity I Project occurred in February of 2012 in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, drawing together artists who had participated in the 2011 SB-ADaPT Festival living in Southern California.

Our Affinity II Project occurred in July of 2012 in Paris, France, drawing together Slovenian and Santa Barbaran artists who had participated in the 2011 SB-ADaPT Festival, and drawing in a new collaborator living in Paris, France.

Our Affinity III Project has sprouted into what we are calling a "mini-festival," drawing together artists who had participated in the 2011 SB-ADaPT Festival from Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and New York. It also weaves in an additional company from San Francisco and Santa Barbara's beloved NECTAR community. Our Affinity III Project is a collaboration with NECTAR that will also continue our engagement with Santa Barbara's Fishbon community!

Each Affinity Project has its own flair and its own flavor. Each experience is utterly unique, designed to be riveting and life-affirming for both participants and audiences.

ArtBark International - Misa & Stephen Kelly with support from Melissa Block
NECTAR - Cybil Gilbertson
Rubans Rouge Dance Company - Noelle Andressen Kale
Susan Alexander Teaches (co-sponsoring Valerie Green Master Class)
Spaces! ARC Pasadena (Pasadena performances), Yoga Soup (Santa Barbara performances), Fishbon's Pescadrome (Artist information exchange Event Lab)